Guy suffering from Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

For those suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, we have a solution for you. With our customized treatment plans, we make sure you find a solution that will work for you when you visit Greenville Men’s Clinic. 

We have custom treatment solutions that will quickly and effectively treat your ED, and help you get past this block in your love life. Our expert staff is waiting to help you today. Call our Greenville, South Carolina office at 864.301.1111 to schedule your visit.  


What is Erectile Dysfunction? 

Guy experiencing erectile dysfunction



Erectile Dysfunction, or ED as it is commonly referred as, is the medical condition where you are unable to get and/or sustain a firm erection. This is also sometimes referred to as impotence. Regardless of the name, this condition can be a killer for your relationship. Greenville Men’s Clinic can help. Our custom treatment plans are formulated for your specific situation. 


What Causes Erectile Dysfunction? 


ED can be caused by a number of different factors, both emotional and physical. Here are some of the more common ones that we come across. 


Diabetes Hypertension Injury or Trauma
Obesity or Weight Gain Increased Age Low Testosterone
Stress or Anxiety Relationship Issues Drug or Alcohol Abuse


ED Treatment Options


When you come to Greenville Men’s Clinic, we understand that no two guys are the same.  We are going to take your whole health picture into account when crafting your custom treatment plan. That way you know that what you get from us is specifically for you and what you’re dealing with. 

Guy who has cured his Erectile Dysfunction

Here are two of the options that we include in many of our custom plans. 


  • PulseED® – Through the use of soundwave technology, Greenville Men’s Clinic is proud to be the only clinic in the state to be able to offer you PulseED. This revolutionary treatment helps to restore blood flow to your penile region, as well as restore and repair damaged blood vessels. Ask a member of our team about how PulseED can help restore your love life today. 


  • Priapus – Through the miracle of Priapus therapy, Greenville Men’s Clinic can help you gain more sensation, more stamina, and in many cases Increased Erection Size. Priapus is painless, and will completely change your sexual experience. Talk to one of our Doctors today about how Priapus could end your ED struggle. 

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, you need to know there is help available. Greenville Men’s Clinic offers custom treatments with an over 97% treatment success rate. Simply put, when you come to Greenville Men’s, you are going to find a solution to your ED. Call our office today at 864.301.1111 to schedule your appointment. You can use our online form to schedule your appointment as well.

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