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Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone is something every guy is going to deal with at some point. Let the experts at Greenville Men’s Clinic help you get back to feeling like you again fast. Call our office today! If you are a man over the age of 30, you already have to deal with the reality of Low Testosterone. As you age, your body’s natural testosterone will drop, but Greenville Men’s Clinic can help. Let our expert, All-Male staff help you regain what nature is trying to take from you. Call our office today at 864.301.1111 to find out how we can help you beat LowT fast.  


What is Low Testosterone? 

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After the age of 30, most men start to experience a decline in their body’s natural testosterone production. Now, just so we are all on the same page, testosterone is basically the hormone that makes a guy a guy. If promotes our sex drive, allows us to build and retain muscle mass, and generally promotes a sense of well being. When the level of testosterone in your system starts to drop, you start not feeling the way you should. The older you get, the worse it will feel, and the more it will impact your quality of life. 


Signs and Symptoms of LowT


Low Testosterone is a fact of life, it will happen to you if you do nothing to prevent. With that said, you might not even realize that the stuff you’re going through is actually a symptom of a correctable problem, and not just something you will have to deal with. Here are some signs and symptoms of LowT, and if you think you might have it, take our ADAM Test to find out. 


Low Sex Drive Erectile Dysfunction  Hair Loss
Fatigue Loss of Muscle Mass Fat or Weight Gain
Decreased Bone Mass Mood Swings Memory Difficulty


Low Testosterone Treatment Options

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Greenville Men’s Clinic can help you get back to a natural and normal testosterone level. Here are some of the options we offer. 


  • HCG – This can be used as a stand alone treatment, but we normally recommend that it is used in conjunction with Hormone Replacement Therapy. HCG will stimulate your body’s natural testosterone production, and help to stave off testicular shrinkage during your HRT treatment. 


  • Hormone Replacement Therapy – This option supplements your body’s natural testosterone production with additional natural testosterone. This immediately boosts your T levels, and within a week or two of starting treatment, you will feel like a brand new man. It is suggested that you also use HCG during this process, as it will help to keep your body from shutting down it’s own T production. 

If you are suffering from LowT, there is hope. Greenville Men’s Clinic can help you return to you to a natural, healthy testosterone level fast. Talk to a member of our expert team today about how we can help you. Call our office at 864.301.1111 to schedule an appointment. Our online form is another convenient way to setup your visit.

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