Man Suffering from Peyronies Disease

Peyronies Disease

Pain is not supposed to be a part of your sex life. At Greenville Men’s Clinic, we can help eliminate your Peyronies, and get you back to enjoying your partner the way you want to. The team here at Greenville Men’s Clinic can help you. We understand the struggle you are facing, and can offer a nonsurgical option to help you get back to enjoying your sex life. Call our Greenville, South Carolina Office today at 864.301.1111 to discuss the custom treatment options we have available for your you. 


What is Peyronies Disease? 

Guy Suffering from Peyronies Disease


Peyronies disease is when scar tissue builds up on the shaft of the penis, and causes it to bend or curve. This bend can result in a painful sexual experience. Those men that deal with Peyronies Disease, may also develop Erectile Dysfunction as a result of the condition. 


What Causes Peyronies Disease? 


There is no medical consensus as to what causes this condition, however there is data to suggest that trauma or injury to your groin area contributes to the development of Peyronies. There is also other physical factors that can contribute to the development of Peyronies, such as your body’s healing ability, your age, as well as your family medical history.   


Peyronies Treatment Options

Guy who has had his Peyronies Disease cured.

Our team of experts can help you get past your Peyronies Disease and onto living a better life fast. Treatment options often used to correct Peyronies Disease in our clients include: 


  • Priapus – Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) has shown the ability to straighten a penis affected by Peyronies. This coupled with the other benefits of increased sensation, and increased stamina, gives you a wonderful option for getting past this potentially painful condition. 


  • PulseED® – Greenville Men’s Clinic is the Exclusive PulseED Provider in the state of South Carolina. This revolutionary treatment allows us the ability to correct your Peyronies without the need for surgery. Soundwave technology works to break up plaque buildup on your penis, and reverse the bend or curve you’re dealing with. Talk to our team today about this painless, and non-invasive approach. 

Peyronies Disease is not something you have to live with. Let the expert team at Greenville Men’s Clinic help you restore the pleasure you have lost from your love life. Talk to our expert team about how we can help you start loving your partner pain free, and without surgery. Call our office today at 864.301.1111 to schedule your appointment. You can use our online form to schedule your visit also.

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